Vickers Instruments images

Images from the Vickers Instruments archive, held by the Borthwick Institute for Archives, digitised from glass negatives and glass lantern slides. The images document the products and work of the companies Troughton & Simms, T. Cooke & Sons and Cooke, Troughton & Simms. Troughton & Simms merged with T. Cooke & Sons in 1922 to form Cooke, Troughton & Simms, which was itself taken over by Vickers Instruments in 1963. The images date back to 1870 (for T. Cooke & Sons) and 1900 (for Troughton & Simms) and span the time until they were taken over in 1963. Further images, from the days of Vickers Instruments in York exist in the archive, but have yet to be digitised. The original plates have the following archive references: VI/TS/6/4, VI/TC/5/6 and VI/CTS/7/3.